comfortable form of medical teleconsultations

For all medical specialisations

What does the patient gain?

  • Faster access to specialists
  • Possibility to conduct a medical teleconsultations directly from home
  • Selection from wide range of verified specialists
  • Saving time and money
  • Solution available as a website platform and as a comfortable mobile application

What does the specialist gain?

  • Lower consultation costs
  • Opportunity to get new patients from all over the world
  • Guarantee of payment
  • Additional source of income
  • Medical records in one place

What does the facility gain?

  • Opportunity to get new patients from all over the world
  • Possibility of work at any time
  • The lowest commission on the market
  • New form of virtual patient files archive
  • Possibility to issue online prescriptions, referrals and sick leaves
About us

Healthly is an innovative software that allows medical professionals and their patients to work in the comfortable form of teleconsultations.

A large number of medical specialisations creates a wide base of medical specialists with interdisciplinary skills and competences. Using Healthly, experts receive a guarantee of payment and patients are served only by verified professionals.

In this convenient form, patients can contact the specialist without leaving home, and thanks to the encrypted connection they are completely safe!

Innovative tool
for medical professionals


Latest developments

The Healthly platform, thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions, provides an excellent quality of connection during medical teleconsultation.

New form of e-card

In this module, we place particular emphasis on data security. Sensitive data and conversations of our patients and specialists are encrypted. The patient's e-card gives the specialist the opportunity to take more care of his patients' health.

Our system stores all recommendations made by the specialist. This allows the patient to access them easily.

Meetings schedule

For professionals and patients who decide to take advantage of Healthly, we have developed an accurate visit calendar with a precise reminder system.

Comfortable mobile application

For the sake of convenience of patients treated with our platform, we are one and only company on the market that decided to prepare a mobile application!

Our mission

The mission of Healthly is to provide a tool for medical professionals, as well as to create a community of people willing to promote mutual health care.

The project is successful when our clients carry out a large number of consultations, i.e. they increase the level of health care as a result.

We achieve this by providing a comfortable and maximally effective tool to work with all efforts to ensure patient safety and guarantee the quality of services provided.

Telemedical market

The value of the Polish telemedicine market is 70.9 million PLN. The annual growth rate reaches 26.8%, which means that in 2023 the Polish telemedicine market will be worth PLN 143.4 million.

The global telemedicine market value in 2020 is $54.1 billion. The annual growth rate of the telemedicine market value reaches 19.2%. According to research, the global telemedicine market will exceed $130 billion by 2025.

The medical teleconsultation sector accounts for 18.9% of the total, so the global value of the medical teleconsultation sector in 2020 is $10.22 billion.

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